Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths in South Yorkshire

Geoffrey Howse
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The lecturer related the circumstances of the execution of three men, one of whom named Baker, told him that he shot an inspector at Romford, in Essex, whereas one of his pals, named Lee, was hanged for the crime [Anthony Rudge, John Martin and James Baker, were hanged at Carlisle on 8 February for the murder of PC Bymes. James Lee, aged forty-five was hanged at Chelmsford on 18 May ].


He [Berry] remembered Lee cursing and swearing at the judges and lawyers for sentencing him to death, and denying the crime. All four however, were dreadful criminals and deserved death. He frequently executed men who were clearly insane, and never failed to complain about it. A man at Lancaster was so mad that he bit into him and a warder, and had to be carried to the scaffold by the frog's march. On the other hand, he had seen a reprieve come to a condemned man as he was writing out his confession.

It was a case where there was some doubt as to the man's guilt.

He [Berry] was in the cell the night before the execution was to take place, and saw him writing the confession. When the governor told him that the reprieve had come he [Berry] related what he had seen, the circumstance was telegraphed to the Home Secretary, who refused to withdraw the reprieve. When the boy Davis was hanged at Crewe for murdering his father he said the governor of Knutsford Prison went nearly mad, he was so disgusted at the Home Secretary's refusal to reprieve him [Richard Davis was hanged on 8 April ].


He also had to hang a boy of 17 in the South of England, who spent the eve of his death crying for his mother. When he had to execute the brothers Boswell, at Worcester, for shooting a gamekeeper, he allowed them to kiss one another and shake hands as they stood on the scaffold. They denied their guilt, and their companion stated that he, and no one else fired the fatal shot [Joseph and Samuel Boswell, aged twenty-nine and thirty-nine respectively, were executed on 11 March ].

The lecturer stated that he got in the company of a number of jurymen one evening during the sitting of an Assize, to whom he explained his views on the question of capital punishment, and his belief that murder was rarely committed by sane people, and the result of his conversation was that none of the four men on trial for murder were hanged. He said he was writing a letter which he hoped to get into the hands of the Queen, urging her to make her reign memorable by refusing to sign any more death warrants.

He also wants a Royal Commission of inquiry into the circumstances under which reprieves have been granted or withheld. His lecture will be continued all the week. By the s work was underway to build Sheffield an even grander Town Hall, this time without the provision of court facilities. It was officially opened by Queen Victoria on 21 May These courts remained there until they moved to new premises in the s.

Foul Deeds & Suspicious Deaths In & Around Rotherham

Paperback Atlases. They are all here, revealed to us under the glare of historic fact and diligent research. Vanessa Morgan. Alibhai helps create the ingenious set ups while Kazia uses his skill to make sure he successfully completes each one. View More. A homewares retail assistant has shared the exact technique for folding a fitted sheet perfectly every time, and it takes just one minute.

Whilst they were hard at work another Sheffield resident, one Isaac Turner, was also being industrious in their homes, stealing their goods and possessions. Caught in the act, he was brought before Sheffield magistrates charged with theft and subsequently arraigned to appear before Mr Justice Bathurst at York Lent Assizes. Found guilty as charged, Turner was sentenced to death. On Saturday 6 March , Isaac Turner was removed from the condemned cell and, along with two other felons, driven through the City of York on a cart and hanged at Tyburn.

Later on in life he moved to Attercliffe. As a young man there he became involved with some of Sheffield and district's more unsavoury residents, joining a gang of villains whose speciality was to rob the patrons of Sheffield's public houses, hotels and inns, who often emerged from those establishments the worse for strong drink. Such vulnerable prey often yielded rich pickings for the likes of John Vickers. Vickers, however, was to come to a sticky end in , when he unwittingly selected the wrong person to rob.

The victim of what proved to be Vickers' last robbery turned out to be a man to whom he was once apprenticed. The victim of this robbery, John Stainforth, having recognised Vickers during the attack on him, brought him quickly to the attention of the authorities.

Geoffrey Howse

This led to Vickers' apprehension and to him being charged not only with robbing Mr Stainforth but also John Murfin, along with his alleged accomplice. The events leading up to Vickers' downfall began on the night of Saturday 11 February Vickers was up to no good with one of his accomplices, John Booth and several unknown individuals. This robbery took place near the Blue Ball. On the same night Vickers and three persons unknown and unidentifiable to the victim, robbed John Stainforth outside the Glass House of 3 s. He was indicted with Booth on the first charge for robbing John Murfin.

Booth was acquitted of the charge of robbing Mr Murfin but Vickers was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was hanged at York's Tyburn on Saturday 30 March On 19 August , two felons were hanged at Tyburn, York for a crime they had committed in Sheffield earlier that summer. Twenty-six-year-old William Sharp hailed from Conisborough. His accomplice in crime was twenty-eight-year-old labourer, William Bamford, of Clifton, Rotherham.

Sharp and Bamford's rapid journey to the scaffold began when they broke into the house of Sheffield button maker Duncan McDonald and stole some horn combs and 7 d. They were apprehended for the crime and promptly brought before a magistrate who committed them to the West Riding Quarter Sessions, where they were found guilty as charged and sentenced to death. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Take a journey to discover cases of petty crime, riots, burglary, robbery, assault, suicide, unlawful killing, manslaughter, and murder, as well as a host of quirky and quizzical crimes from the early Victorian period to modern times. Several other sensational and forgotten murders are featured and a range of cases mentioned refer to many former landmarks in and around old Sheffield, from public houses and hotels to factories, shops, and steelworks.

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This book is sure to be an absorbing read for anyone interested in our local social history. A specialist true crime author, Geoffrey has also published several books relating to London, including an A-Z of London Murder. On Thursday 15 September , the following article appeared in the Sheffield And Rotherham Independent: It is a singular coincidence that a series of exhibitions of instruments of torture and death and a series of lectures on executions by an ex-executioner should be simultaneously appealing for the support of the public of Sheffield.

Ex-Apprentice Recognised During Robbery, Sheffield Button Maker's House Robbed, Excerpted by permission of Pen and Sword Books Ltd. All rights reserved.

No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. On the shores of Sussex, England, the famed town of Brighton has long been a View Product. This cathedral and university city in southern Wales hides a long and violent history—from Roman This cathedral and university city in southern Wales hides a long and violent history—from Roman gladiators to current crimes of passion.

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This book contains twenty-one separate stories all based in the Newport and district area. Anyone fascinated by the