Microwaves in Catalysis: Methodology and Applications

Microwaves in Catalysis: Methodology and Applications
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Subjects Science Nonfiction. A comprehensive overview covering the principles and preparation of catalysts, as well as reactor technology and applications in the field of organic synthesis, energy production, and environmental catalysis.

Edited and authored by renowned and experienced scientists, this reference focuses on successful reaction procedures for applications in industry. Topics include catalyst preparation, the treatment of waste water and air, biomass and waste valorisation, hydrogen production, oil refining as well as organic synthesis in the presence of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts and continuous-flow reactions.

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With its practical relevance and successful methodologies, this is a valuable guide for chemists at universities working in the field of catalysis, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical or green chemistry, as well as researchers and engineers in the chemical industry. Science Nonfiction.

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Reyes Mallada. As a noncontact measurement technique, the thermal camera detector does not measure temperature directly; it calculates temperature using the Stefan—Boltzmann law and the emissivity value of the object or area of interest. Havet, V. The oven cavity. To use microwave energy efficiently for any chemical process requires a good understanding of process parameters and knowledge of materials response under their exposure to microwaves. Beilstein Archives — the preprint server for the Beilstein Journals is online!

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Nano-catalysts with magnetic core: sustainable options for greener synthesis

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The development of sustainable methods directed towards the synthesis of molecules is due to the heightened awareness and recognition of alternative eco-friendly and economical protocols that have minimum impact on environment. Among others, microwave MW -assisted methodology has now matured and can be used safely to substitute for conventional laboratory heating techniques; a number of chemical transformations have been achieved thereby improving many existing protocols with superior results when compared to reactions performed under conventional heating conditions.

The focus of this review is to summarize recent MW-assisted catalytic reactions performed in aqueous medium for the development of environmentally benign protocols.

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We review the catalytic MW-assisted methods that have been employed for the synthesis of a variety of heterocycles, cross-coupling reactions, C-H activation reactions, synthesis of peptides, ureas, and carboxyl-containing coordination polymers and a host of miscellaneous reactions.

In addition, some recent newer developments such as continuous flow capillary MW microreactors and other related flow applications are included.

This sustainable approach represents the fusion of friendly reaction medium water and microwave activation in conjunction with a variety of catalysts. Jump to main content. Contact Us.