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Mistborn: The Final Empire
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A dark lord rules through the aristocratic families and ordinary folk are condemned to lives in servitude, sold as goods, labouring in the ash fields. Not registered? View all 31 comments. It is also a highly compelling read and has the right blend of characters and suspense to ensure the reader will be eager to seek out the following book in the trilogy. Not that they have the capability to do the best job, but that they will do the best job. I think I will really enjoy the rest of this series, you should check it out.

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The Final Empire: The Mistborn Series (Book 1)

Shadows of Self A Mistborn Novel. About the Author Brandon Sanderson was born in Nebraska in Other Books by Brandon Sanderson. Popular Searches the kingmaker chronicles the first fifteen lives of harry august the cazalet chronicles the brotherband chronicles the obernewtyn chronicles. Item Added: The Final Empire. View Wishlist. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist?

Three years prior to the start of the novel, a half-skaa thief named Kelsier discovers that he is Mistborn and escapes the Pits of Hathsin, a brutal prison camp of the Lord Ruler. He returns to Luthadel, the capital city of the Final Empire, where he rounds up his old thieving crew for a new job: to overthrow the Final Empire by stealing its treasury and collapsing its economy. At the beginning of the novel, the reader is introduced to Vin, a street urchin who is recruited by Kelsier's crew after Kelsier is notified by his brother Marsh and realizes that she is a Mistborn.

Vin is trained by Kelsier's crew to develop her Allomantic powers, which include burning pewter to strengthen the body, burning tin to enhance the senses, and burning steel to gain a limited form of telekinesis over metal. She also spies on the nobility by attending opulent balls in Luthadel the capital and center of the final empire , where she poses as Valette Renoux, niece to Lord Renoux, a nobleman working with Kelsier's crew. During these balls, she meets and falls in love with Elend Venture, heir to House Venture, the most powerful of the Luthadel noble houses.

Elend flouts the rules of nobility culture and secretly plans to build a better society with his noble friends when they ascend to their respective houses.

The Final Empire: Mistborn Book One (Mistborn) [Paperback]

Kelsier hopes to conquer the city by destabilizing it with a house war between the nobility and then invading with a skaa army. Once in control, he hopes to overthrow the Final Empire by stealing the Lord Ruler's hoard of atium , a precious metal which is the cornerstone of the Final Empire's economy.

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The crew succeeds in starting a house war by assassinating several powerful nobles and recruiting about seven thousand soldiers to join their cause. However, about three quarters of the soldiers are slaughtered when they foolishly attack on an unimportant Final Empire garrison, with the hopes of some divine protection.

The remaining soldiers are smuggled into Luthadel. Unfortunately, Lord Renoux and his estate are seized and he is brought to be executed by the Canton of Inquisition, the police arm of the Final Empire.

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Though Kelsier's crew manage to free most of them, Kelsier is killed by the Lord Ruler himself, in a dramatic confrontation in Luthadel's city square. Though these events appear to leave Kelsier's plan in shambles, it is revealed that his real plan was to become a martyred symbol of hope for Luthadel's superstitious skaa population.

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The skaa population reacts to his death by rising up and overthrowing the city, with the help of Kelsier's army. Before his death, Kelsier had attempted to unlock the potential of the "Eleventh Metal" in his possession, which was rumored to be the Lord Ruler's weakness.

He was unable to do so before his death, and left it to Vin to finish the job. She is captured by the Canton of Inquisition and left in a cell to be tortured, but Sazed, her faithful servant, comes to her rescue.

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Using a magical discipline called Feruchemy , he helps Vin escape and recover her possessions. Vin fights the Lord Ruler, who is revealed to be both an incredibly powerful Allomancer and a Feruchemist , the combination of which grants him incredible healing powers and eternal youth. Vin is almost destroyed by the Lord Ruler, but with hints from the Eleventh Metal and the unexpected help of the mists, she manages to separate the Lord Ruler from his Feruchemical bracelets that provide him with constant youth, causing him to age rapidly. With a spear to the heart, Vin kills the Lord Ruler, who with his last words ominously warns her of a greater evil.

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Start by marking “The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)” as Want to Read: Criminal mastermind Kelsier teaches Allomancy, the magic of metals, to another Mistborn, urchin Vin Readers have been urging me for years to pick up anything by Brandon Sanderson, and after browsing his books I. Mistborn: The Final Empire, also known simply as Mistborn or The Final Empire, is a by Tor Books and is the first novel in the Mistborn trilogy, followed by The Well of . Hammond: One of Kelsier's crewmembers, also known as Ham.

The Final Empire collapses, though Elend is able to avoid total societal collapse by uniting Luthadel under a new system of government. A review in The Washington Post said "Sanderson's characters aren't particularly well-developed, and the allomancy sometimes feels a little like a video game trick press X-Y-X-X to burn steel!

But he has created a fascinating world here, one that deserves a sequel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mistborn: The Final Empire First edition cover. Dewey Decimal.